Looking for gf 14-15
No nudes and sexting
1 members
Looking for a girl 14-15
No nudes and sexting
1 members
Just a random group
I'm looking for a girlfriend aged 14-15-16
1 members
BL, Youtube, Korea, kpop, aesthetic, Kdrama Memes, Anime~ ETC.
Hiii!!! People who love all of the above or something related join! I wanna meet my people! Gays are TOTALLY allowed hehe! NO PERVES! ONLY FUJOSHI PERVES ARE WELCOMED!^3*~
4 members
for hackers
0 members
Bored and looking for someone to talk too..
Literally anything happens here fam
4 members
Looking to hookup
Come in and hookup
8 members
Looking for a girlfriend in greenwood Indiana
you can reply back anytime
1 members
Art of Debate and Persuasive Argument
For thoughtful, well-researched, discussions about controversial topics. All opinions respected. Philosophy, politics, religion, ethics, gender and sexuality, technology, human rights, animal rights, and more.I love engaging in these kind of conversations, so anybody who proposes a topic will be muc...
6 members
singles in the oregon,washington area
basically for those who live in the area and are looking for someone close
1 members
Bitch Media, Ellen Degeneres, The Mary Sue, Jezebel, Michelle Obama, Guerrilla Girls, Hillary Clinton, Equal Rights Amendment, Betty Friedan, Women's Rights, John Oliver (#feminism), Roxane Gay, 1st Wave, 2nd Wave, 3rd Wave. Doesn't matter. We're all feminists here.
3 members
girls for me?
*inspired by another user*Hi! I'm 13 but prefer to think of myself as a 14 year old who is young for her age. I identify as a pan-romantic lesbian, and am looking for any girls 13-16 who would be interested in ... cyber-dating? Online romance? An internet relationship? I don't know what t...
3 members
Wizards and Witches
Do you know magik? Join the group. A group by ✨ THE MAGICIANS ✨
1 members
I am 15
I am 15 looking for some one to chat with and maybe get with who knows
1 members
do you need love
You have looked all over and can't find anyone to be your boyfriend or girlfriend if not maybe check this out
2 members
people in virgina beach virgina (12-15)ONLY
You come here to get in a relationship or if you just want to talk.p.s straight or bi s
1 members
Welcome :)
Confuse newbies here!!
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13 years old and really thirsty lol
if your 13 or 14 years old and just want a girlfriend I'm your gal
3 members
hi people 
1 members
I need a gf if u r 13 message me
Hi my name is martin I'm looking for a gf age 13 hit me up on my Instagram martin_richards11
1 members

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