just for fun:)
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Where people can become friends or something more. 
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If Your single and ready to get mingled this is the group for you
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weird teen chat 14 to 19 only
join and be as weird as you want make friends and have fun
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girl chats
i am looking for a girl who love me for just being myself and dont get bothered by my scars
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Lit squad
I'm bored and I'm looking for a really sweet guy so come talk to me
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Looking for a gf 13-17
If our interests align, then go ahead and message me :)
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Any girls
Is there any girls interested in me I'm 13 almost 14 in June I got some money
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Single 14-17 year olds from cali
Talk to singles in your area 
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teenlol hotspot
come and find someone today !
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Australian Singles 13-18
Join this group and Find your Girl or Boy <3
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