I've no doubt this is going to be long, and I apologize in advance for any rambling.
The Main Man Himself
So...who am I? There are many sides to my character. Depending on the situation, I could be a complete recluse or a exuberant asshole. It all comes down to how well I know you, most of the time. My friends and I insult each other a lot, but it's all in good fun. I've never liked limiting what I can and can't joke about which why my humor can be kind of tasteless at times. Though is only part of it, I also use a lot of inside joke and references which makes it awkward when I say something and no one knows what the hell I'm talking about. I tend to swear quite a bit when I'm relaxed; it isn't really something I can help at this point because it's basically involuntary at this point. However, when I'm surrounded by strangers, you'd be hard-pressed to see me speak at all unless it is something that can't be avoided. I can make things really awkward when in that state. Though sometimes, people can in the middle. That's for people that I'm relatively comfortable around but still aren't someone I can completely open up to(or at least I choose not to). My teachers are a good example of this. The thing about them is that I can be extremely self-conscious and anxious about my performance around them. Every time I answer something wrong or do something stupid, it inhibits my ability to interact with them, and I can't stop thinking about how it affected their impression of me. For example, this year, I didn't turn something in to my English teacher and thought I wrote a terrible essay for him. I could barely look at him for a couple of weeks, but he complemented everything I had turned in and started talking to me in a very kind manner. That extinguished most of the anxiety I had, and I'm on fairly good terms with him. That was probably a bit too much explanation, but you should only have to deal with my lively side for the most part. My education is important to me, and I try to not take it for granted. Yet, I have a tendency to put things off a lot more often than I should. It honestly makes me feel bad, but it just seems uncontrollable like an addiction or something. I'm fairly certain that I'm one of the smartest people at my school. My grades may not reflect that, but when comparing myself to the top guys, my difference in intelligence is pretty marginal. I'm in mostly higher-level classes with them(International Baccalaureate), and the classes almost seem like a joke. Not to say they are anywhere near standard classes, but if you have good work ethic, you could easily ace them. It's fairly evident that many of the kids in those classes are in over their heads or just aren't that intelligent. I don't know if this is coming off as arrogance, but I hope it isn't. I know when I'm being arrogant about something,and trust me I can be, but this isn't one of those times. I was one of the few kids to pass the AP Euro test last year, and I didn't prepare nearly as much as the others who did. While I am using this a point, that achievement does not fuel my pride, the opposite actually. I never devoted fully to that class, and it makes me feel like I tarnished my potential and spat in the face of my teacher. That pride I mentioned does play a part in my school experience. I refuse to cheat no matter what, and if my teacher tries to make things easier I try to avoid it if I think it is unnecessary. On my Practice ACT, they let you mark unanswered questions for more points, but I felt like if I did that wouldn't be a representation of my performance. I didn't finish about 1/3 of each section, and that did lower my grade a good bit. I still made a 23 on it which a bit above average. If I can get my speed up, I could possibly have a truly outstanding score on the real thing(I did some calculations with ratios and estimated, with the amount missed in each section holding true proportionally, I would make something close to a 31 or 2. I can at times be a perfectionist, but that doesn't coincide with another tendency of mine, impatience. My impatience is generally long term things like acquisition of skills that I have no experience with. This may be arrogance talking, but I just feel superior to the majority of the people at my school. You know? The "normies", all those people who neglect their education and try to be cool instead(following trends, doing what others expect even if they don't want to) like that is more important. I've never understood those people. I feel like letting other people control your self-expression kind of defeating the purpose. The whole concept of drugs, alcohol, and the like has always sounded, to put it bluntly, fucking retarded to me. You are doing something evidently negative for short-term euphoria(I don't even know if I should go as far as to describe it as that). I am usually pretty level-headed; I don't remember the last time I was legitimately angry. However, if I am pushed past my breaking point, I can be violently impulsive, but that is unbelievably rare for me. I've never enjoyed arguing about mundane things. It always just seems so petty that, even if there was some decision made, the consequence would cause little to no change, making the ordeal kind of pointless. There may be some irregularities, but I find that to be the case generally. I'm not a rule-breaker, but I also believe in people having the ability to make decisions without heavy, unwanted influence from others. I also tend to be quite stubborn and uncompromising. Though like many of my other traits, there is a bit of inconsistency. If you were wondering about my religious beliefs, I would probably be considered something of an agnostic. With politics, I tend to lean liberal, but I also don't agree with much of what the American liberals say nowadays. Politics really aren't something I'm that passionate about anyway; I just mentioned that for curiosity's sake. If you also had any interest in my personality type from 16personalities, it's INTJ-A or the Architect. The splits were I-85%, N-73%, T-82%, J-68%, A-83%. The website's analysis of each letter as well as the personality are fairly accurate and may give you a bit more insight.
I'm on here on the off chance I find someone to have a relationship with that meets my standards. Honestly though, while I would enjoy that, I am indifferent if I fail or not. General interests need to be pretty similar as well as intelligence and personality. There is some leeway, but there has to be a considerable amount relativity. The aforementioned details are by far the most important standards for my decision. However, I do have limitations to what looks I will accept. You just have to be decent looking like a 6/10 give or take(this is mainly in reference to your face as I am generally flexible with body type). I'm not expecting to get with a model or something; I just don't want to be with a transvestite donkey witch. Also, I can't really do over-weight. A bit of thickness is probably okay, but if you are near obesity in BMI standards that probably isn't work for me. I mean it may be a deal-breaker, but I'm not a fan of larger breast sizes(i.e., >/=D). I've become more of a B or C guy. Though, I'm probably more content with A than D. Above average bum-bums(lol) are my preference, but I'm can be pretty flexible with them. Like breasts, once you start getting into the really large stuff, it becomes much more questionable. I'm just specifying my most preferred body-type, but like I said before, I can be relatively versatile in the matter.
What does God look like?
Well, your's truly is a 5'6 or 167 cm, if you are a metric fag, piece of trash. I have long, brown hair at the moment, but this is the first time I've grown my hair out this long. I have green eyes and weigh around 150 or 60. I don't know how true that is though, since I haven't weighed myself in a couple years. I haven't changed much in body type, and then I weighed 145. I would say I'm probably a 6-6.5/10. Don't expect a lot of manpower here because I basically have never worked out apart from gym class and some swimming in years prior. I walk toe to heel also. I sort of started when I was 2 or 3, and despite others trying to get me to start walking normally, I never have had the drive to do so. Honestly, I can just give you a picture if you want because I've never cared about concealing stuff like that.


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