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KemoMeme Nov 14 '17
So, I'm a no bull-**it kind of person (fair warning, I swear a ton, I don't know this site's policy on swearing so I'm playing it safe atm), what I'm looking for is someone who's willing to commit into something serious, now, I'm not saying they should do so right away, it takes time to build something like that after all, all I'm saying is that I'm not a "date three months then bail on the person" type of guy, And yeah, it's pretty hard to find someone around this age range who's actually interested in something like that, most teens prefer more instability, not me tho. Also, if you're a guy and you're a bit disappointed in my sexual orientation, we can still be bros and shiz, so don't be afraid to msg.
As I said, I'm a non BS type of person, so I'm listing my pros and cons right away:

- Confident in Behavior (most of the time)
- Honest
- Nice (but not a push-over type of nice, I'm not taking any **it from someone acting like an a**)
- Pretty Chill on the outside

- Open-minded (to both people and activities, but with few limits)

- Good Morals (stating this one as both a Pro and a Con because of perspective)

- Lead Skin (take that as you will)


- Non confident in looks, like, at all

- Doesn't look good to begin with (at least in my opinion, i've been told I looked alright, but I don't believe it)

- Hates Snapchat with a burning passion (other social medias I'm okay with however)

- Anxious and Paranoid, it can make me seem clingy at times, but all I need to get that out of my system is some reassurance and I'll be fine, it doesn't happen until later on in a relationship
- Very inexpressive, despite strong emotions (I feel lots of emotions, but I can never express them properly)

- Good Morals (all about perspective)

- Trust Issues (cause of past)

- Not very well versed in pop culture (but PLEASE feel free to immerse me in it, I don't mind a bit)

- Glass Heart (again, take that as you will)

I don't look for much in a person, except that they have to be honest and sincere, i seem naive but I'm really not, I just brush off lies at first and keep mental notes of them (plus i have trust issues so suspicious behavior can really tick me off on the inside), just act honest and you'll be fine.

I also need them to be nice, they can't just act like an a-hole all the time and expect me to be okay with it, I'm okay with someone pretending to be an a-hole just for good fun (humor is my soft spot), but actually being an a-hole is not okay to me.
I don't care about looks, but, there's a difference between you trying your hardest to look good and still looking bad, and you not showering for a week and expecting people to be okay with it, as long as you keep yourself clean and not dress in rags you're good in my books, I don't care much for makeup, and while I'm definitely okay with you wearing it, my preference is the natural look.

Tl;Dr: I'm looking for a relationship based on a personality connection more than a looks one, and I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, so if you're interested message me or leave a reply (I don't know how this site works yet lol)

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