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Briiiiii Dec 2 '17
What kind of music do you like and why?
Herbios Dec 2 '17
Metal since it takes away my aggressive thoughts 

Punk since it takes away my sad and depressed feeling

Classical since it relaxes my mind

Opera since it takes my aggression and makes me hally

Rock because i just like it

NW4815162342 Dec 11 '17
Rock-gets me hyped up 

Rap-gets me hyped up

3d3nRam09 Dec 29 '17
I listen to everything/anything as long as I get some emotion out of it
I listen to anyone and everything what genre I am going to listen to depends on my mood
madhatter657 Jun 1
rock heavy metal metal basically all of that keeps me calm tbh  
patience47 Jun 11
I enjoy listening to gospel or hillsong as they remind me that God is the reason i wake up and go to school every day. (my favourite it So Will I)

I also liten to pop, and band / singers such as Shawn Mendes, Why Dont We etc.

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