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Lookingforlove18 Dec 30 '17
Hi! I'm looking for a guy who's sweet but sexy and romantic but spontaneous. Gotta be tall but then again, I'm a 5ft nerd. Its not hard to be taller than me! I like playing video games but I also like dancing, singing and acting. I despise hunting. I love adventure and the outdoors. i water ski professionally and snow ski for fun. i'm a weird child but who cares. Don't be afraid to message me and say hello! Oh and that profile pic is old and way uglier than I actually am. Rollercoasters are my thing, as well as reading, ice skating, and rollerblading. I love theme parks and water parks. Hmu if you would like to talk! I'd love to talk to you! 
terryherrewig Dec 30 '17
i did 

EthanOue15 Jan 4 '18
Hey, my name is Ethan and I too like games. You seem like a very nice, compassoinate, loving, and open person and I would like to get to know you a little more.
Yeahitsme Apr 16 '18
Haha haha I am shorter than you so haha and ETHAN don't be such a suck up come on 
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