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CallieTheOctopus Jan 31 '18
Hello my name is Callie! I’m 14 almost 15 and I would like to find love!!
I’m pansexual so I’ll accept anyone!!
I like vocaloid and I’m an artist
I’m happy to find love and I’m very loyal!!
heyhey861 Feb 2 '18
hi there im jon  would love to get to know u

Ashley2003 Feb 14 '18
Hey I’m 14 and a girl u sound great I wanna get to know u think plz think about it
Anthony162 Feb 21 '18
Hi I'm Anthony, I'd love to have a chance to talk to you

PABDERO Mar 9 '18
Will15 Mar 10 '18
Hi! My name is will, and I look pretty decent. I am not super confident in myself, but I can tell you that I will treat you like such an awesome person, and love you unconditionally. I know I am not the most awesome dude here by a long shot, but I would love it if you gave me a chance.
lexii14 Mar 10 '18
i would love to talk
kris_ Apr 6 '18
Hi my name is kris and i am 13 looking for a gf just message me when you get the chance next
Angelica09132004 Apr 11 '18
I am, ill add you on hangouts. it'll say fell sans on it.
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