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avelic Dec 12 '18
Can someone recommend a good book? For real?! I badly need one, and btw I don't di flirtin' so don't even dare.
SarahMarie Jan 29 '19
Lord of The Rings,by Tolkien.
JeffEdwards Mar 17 '19
The Lord of the Rings is awesome! So is The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner... Oh man, I could go on for days talking about good books. Sorry, I'm a nerd.
texan2006 Mar 17 '19
OK, my favorite books are the Harry Potter books and all the John  Grisham books. Also the Hunger Games and Divergent. Any books about science. The Survivors of the Sun is pretty cool too: it's a post-apocalyptic thriller.
Leahhorserider Apr 15 '19
Hello, has anybody read the Harry Potter books?
KittKatt Apr 6
Anything by Madeline L'Engle really. And Robert Beatty. And Alexandre Dumas.
Hotgal0 Apr 6
Any books by Lynette Eason! She is a writer that writes stuff based off of true murder mystery's in South and North Carolina!