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heartbroke Apr 9 '19
Hello all, having a hard time on here finding someone who likes musicals? Maybe you like Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, Little Shop of Horrors, Hamilton, or any other brilliant musicals that have hit the stages and our hearts. Well in this forum, you can finally find someone who loves musicals as much as you do! 
caliboy2004 Apr 9 '19
I liked the musical adaptation of the lion king
AshtynWindsor Sep 8 '20
AshtynWindsor Sep 8 '20
Les Mis!
Dewkitty Dec 3 '20
Good God. I love Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Newsies, Les Mis, Phantom, The Lion King, Etc. I've been in White Christmas, The Addams Family, and two different productions of The Lion King but I do plays as well.
AshtynWindsor Dec 4 '20
The only ones I've been in are Beauty and the Beast, in which I played Maurice, and Willy Wonka, in which I played Augustus Gloop's father.
GayLemon Dec 22 '20
I honestly love Hamilton, but it's the only musical I saw. I like the songs from Mean Girls, Beetlejuice (tho I only saw the movies) and Six.