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RaySoar Jul 21 '15
What are your favorite song quotes? also, write which song and singer/band they're from
Darthsab Jul 26 '15
I'm not searching the sky, for a reason to live, cause I found beauty right here, and a passion to give, so let me give you my heart, let me give you my tears, let me give you my life, let me give you my fears - Open Letter by The Amity Affliction (This song has saved my life on numerous occasions)
Darthsab Jul 26 '15
You can only get so far, with no one by your side, a dark storm lies ahead - Dark Storms by Our Last Night
iNSaNeSummer221 Jul 31 '15
Insanity, the weight of the air is torture. Psychopathy, don't who I am anymore - 'iNSaNiTY [frost mix] (English)' by Circus P
RiseOfEthos Aug 12 '15
"If this final breath, could somehow save this world, I breath my last sigh, and close my tired eyes, (...)"
Cover done by "L I Z Z", lyrics by "Aquaspirit77"
Originaly composed by "Hiroyuki Sawano" titled "Omake Pfadlib".
AlexBowers16 Aug 12 '15
"what you spend in 15 months , I spend 15 minutes" Falling In Reverse
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Angio2001 Apr 24 '16
"My tears fall like rain
From the longlasting pain
When I look at your eyes
My heart just dies

Beauty divine
I hope you'll be mine
Open your arms
For all time

All dressed in white
Bringer of light
Spend time with me
All through the night

Beauty divine
Your tears taste like wine
Come to me
For all time"

-Cit Subterranean by In Flames
Lonelysoul2000 Apr 13 '18
"because I lost it all, dead and broken my back against the wall, cut me open. Just trying to breathe , just trying to figure it out , because I built theese walls , to watch 'em crumble down" 

-Lost it All by Black Veil Brides

Sam02 Apr 15 '18
Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?
I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated
Life's like this you
And you fall, and you crawl, and you break
And you take, what you get, and you turn it into
Honesty and promise me I'm never gonna find you fake it
No, no, no

Complicated- Avril Lavigne. This describes my outlook on life
You have married an Icarus

He has flown too close to the sun.

Burn-Hamilton (Lin Manuel Miranda)