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ShyGirl2345 Apr 7
I want to meet an intelligent and sweet male who is 16+, doesn't who is mind me being shy, and caring.
Lucas06 Apr 20
I'm 16, hope it's okay, wanna chat?

Text me on hangouts

123445fsa31v Apr 20
I want a bf who's smart yet funny, is caring and protective, will always stay with me, and a cutie? Please be 13 male and straight. Oh! I hope he's a good cuddle buddy! A teddy bear :)
tyfly Apr 20
Hi, I'm fourteen and I would really appreciate a girl like you. I try my best in school and usually end up getting A's and B's. I know I'm not the cutest boy but I try. I am straight and not bisexual or homosexual. If you want to talk my hangouts is 
LiraelR May 23
I would like a bf who is caring and protective as well as a gret cuddle buddy and won't push me to do anything im  not comfortable with. Please be 16 or 17