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hottie14 May 18
i need a sweet cute bf 14-17
Zachisbored May 18
If you want to pm I can maybe be of assistance ;)
Need a bf  13-16
Qbot May 22
My friends call me kind if that's wut ur looking for
KyeKye May 22
u people need to go for a boy/girl who lives close to u and that lives in ur area and get to know their personality instead to find one online cause u dont know if they cheat on u n shxit and dont know if they are fake or not 
fritsche99 May 22
yo @KyeKye bro you are right and thoes are complete facts, guys fuck around alot (I know from experience) so make sure they live close
hani2005 May 23
if you want bf im here

insta : @mohamadhanijanaty85

telegram : @hani_j85