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Dustinj01 Aug 1
THIS SHIT HAS GOT TO STOP. I scroll down to the photos, and good grief, what do i see? 6 full grown naked adults. 1 woman, 5 old men, this is just sick! Obviously all of them are pedophiles. This isn't just a problem with adults either, teens too. To you disgusting low life degenerates, let me be clear. If anyone wanted to see a penis, or a vagina, they don't have to come here to see it. Keep your mangled uncircumcised genitals in your pants, and off this website!

And to the admins, seriously, you have to start managing this place better. All these grown ass men posting stuff that doesn't belong here on a TEEN dating site, dozens of dick pics every day, countless bots taking advantage of desperate morons who don't know the difference between spam, and real people, get this place together! 

Ayaan Aug 1
I know right, dude this is just gross.Don't these people understand that this is a TEEN DATING WEBSITE!!! EW WTF
Slyboi Aug 1
Damn, this guy real mad
Dustinj01 Aug 1

Quote from Hairyoldbear Shut the fuck up and sniff my asshole you sorry son of a bitches

Quote from Hairyoldbear Wash your eyes out with my cum bastard
Get off this platform you freak.
Dustinj01 Aug 1
We all do it, but it's just not good enough. I have seen the occasional perverted freak post pictures of naked minors, and the pics stay up for hours, because the admins aren't always on here. They need a big group of volunteer moderators who can be online all day to delete them when they appear.
N8DaGr8 Aug 1
Like why are there so many old people here wtf happened

Edit: sooo one of these old people are talking about having sex with young boys and RAPING them. I don't even know what to say.

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Dustinj01 Aug 1

Quote from Hotchile You guys like my cock
It looks the same as any other guys, so why would anyone want to see it? Get off of here you miserable delinquent. 
Gossin66 Aug 2
Extreme but reasonable maybe we should make post getting vote for a new website
Dustinj01 Aug 2

Quote from Barrenhalsey I love anime and hentai nude porn
I don't care you perverted old creep, get off this site, go jerk off somewhere else.

Quote from NaruShi If you guys want a new site, you can just DM me ideas, I mentioned this on another post, but I am a programmer, so I dont mind making a new site for you all to use.
I like that idea