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I been on here for about a month now, and I started out liking it. I tried to find a gf on here, instead what I got was horny 18 year olds making me make accounts on sex sites just for there pleasure. And now, I just feel like quitting. If you view my account, you wont find anything. I am going to leave this site. I have been disgusted by what some of these men on here do, and it has pushed me to the point where I am just gonna quit. Goodbye.
NaruShi Aug 2
Lmao, Imagine falling for scammers.

If you cant tell the difference between a real person and a scammer: Leave, this type of site is NOT for you.

Let me say a few things.

Your not ready for the dating scene. Your Lustful, not looking for real love. There is easy proof of this on your profile: 

"And I dont mind getting a little naughty, as long as I see some of yours too."  
This is the problem with many younger people. They are unable to decide Lust or Love.  I wouldn't recommend even TRYING to do this. While it seems harmless, you and the other person being minors makes this action Illegal. Both of you could be tried for distribution of Child Pornography and possessing child pornography, your age doesn't change the fact of what it is. Do Not Do It.
Gossin66 Aug 2