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Going to be honest here. This site is absolutely pointless. Teens don't actually date on here.
True or they go for douchey guys that’ll cheat on them and asks for nudes makes sense
Thank you both for seeing what I'm talking about
Mystery_gurl Sep 3
Half the time someone messages me they ask for nudes or sex, so i see why other girls dont always respond : |
Nikoslash Oct 18
I agree with Fallen_Solitude
NaruShi Oct 18
You just noticed how garbage this places is
Yeah it's always like this and the amount of people who have high standards
true half of the ppl on this site are over 20 asking for 14 year old girls and guys which I Find creepy as hell and when you add someone it really is a gamble because half of the time they are bots ive only been on this app for like a day and ive gotten a dozen of them
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