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harmcharm Feb 18
Hey guys, i'm a pretty chill person. Really into music and drawing. If your one of those creeps who want to start a relationship the first day we start talking, don't bother hitting me up cause thats a no go for me. If you're horny, keep it ta yaself. I won't help you. I actually value having a real bond and communication then i do sex. Sex isn't what should come first. ANYWAY, I digress. I'm into people my age, or older. I don't really go for younger ppl. But, no matter the age, we can still be friends. I'm very non judgmental, so if you need a safe space to talk, I gotchu :) my insta is @curly.honeybee and my hangouts is harmonyparker959@gmail.com
We sound pretty similar lol. I do also value communication too. Sadly I've ran into those horny ones.
harmcharm Feb 19
That's great! It's not often I meet someone online who's like that. I know right. What really bothers me is when you tell them no, but they keep asking. What a total lack of respect 
bennyedwin6 Feb 20
Hey i am interested in casual dating Indian girls. hmu if interested