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Hello, I just got an account on here because I moved to a new town and it's summer break, so I can't really meet anyone at school or anything.

With that out of the way, is anyone else on here interested in a kind of relationship that isn't romantic, but has a lot of similarities with romantic relationships? Partially asking to see if anyone is compatible with me, partially asking to see if I'm alone in this.

What I mean is that the relationship I want is somewhat like a "friends with benefits" situation, but with more emotional intimacy and some physical things that, while sensual or emotional to me, may come off as romantic to many others. Like, I don't want to go on dates with someone, I want to hang out with them. However, I also want to do things like make out and... other stuff, but in a way that focuses on enjoyment and connection, rather than romantic love (not saying that those things are not part of romantic love, just that I don't want romance itself). Am I just weird, or do other people understand where I'm coming from?

Thank you, and have a nice... day? night? existence? You get my point.

Trans_Bard68 Jul 21
Im not here to say "YES PLEASE!" But I'm am here to say that its not that weird, trust me there's weirder things on here. A tip of advice, message a few people that you seem interested on here, have the forum as a bit of a net while you go out and look for someone. Just me, you'll find yourself a partner? of some sort
David_grant07 Jul 26
Hey, I totally get where you’re coming from, I’m not that way, but I know some people that are that way