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Jialongye Nov 15

Low Voltage Light Manufacturers introduces the application range of LED flood light:

1. Building exterior lighting, projecting a certain area of ​​the building, but using the round head and square head shape of the beam angle of the projection lamp, which has the same concept as the traditional projection lamp. However, due to the small and thin LED projection light source, the development of linear projection lamps will undoubtedly become a highlight and feature of LED projection lamps. In real life, we will find that many buildings have no outstanding place. , You can place traditional projection lights. Compared with traditional projection lamps, the installation of LED projection lamps is much more convenient. They can be installed horizontally or vertically. Multi-directional installation can better integrate with the architectural overview, bring new lighting space for lighting designers, greatly expand the realization of creativity, and have a profound impact on the lighting technology of modern and historical buildings.

2. Landscape lighting, because LED floodlights are not like traditional light sources, they mostly use glass bulbs, which can be well integrated with city streets. For example, LED floodlights can be used to illuminate free spaces in cities, such as roads, waterfronts, stairs or flower gardens. For some flowers or shrubs, we can also use LED floodlights for lighting. LED submerged floodlights will be particularly welcomed by people. The fixed end can also be designed as a plug-in type, which is convenient for conditioning according to the development height of the plant.

3. Locations where signs and landmark lighting require space restrictions and guidance, such as road separation restrictions, local lighting of staircases or emergency exit instigation lights. If you need proper general brightness, you can also use LED floodlights to complete the lighting. The LED projection lamp is a self-conscious underground lamp or a vertical wall lamp. This type of lamp is used for floor guide lights in theater halls or instigation lights on the side of seats. Compared with neon lights, LED floodlights have low voltage and no broken glass, so they will not increase costs due to the twists and turns in the production process.

4. The indoor space display lighting is comparable to other lighting modes. LED floodlights have no heat, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, so there will be no harm to exhibits or commodities. Compared with traditional light sources, the lamps will not have additional filter equipment. , The establishment of the lighting system is relatively simple, and the cost is relatively cheap.

Through the above introduction, Solar Motion Sensor Light Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.