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This is a change from the current random reward system

The experience gained until the arrival of Rocket League Trading this update will be converted to the new progression system. The titles that we have unlocked will continue to be maintained, as well as new ones. On the other hand, there will be no maximum level, so we can continue climbing beyond level 75, but at the expense of increasing the amount of experience needed. In addition, the subsequent games of having reached the maximum level will be taken into account, with which we will have more experience than the one that recently arrived at level 75.

Each time we upgrade we will be rewarded with rare or better items. This is a change from the current random reward system. Finally, we will gain extra experience if we finish the game, play consecutive games, join a game already started or Rocket League Keys if we reach a number of weekly victories.

Fun, direct ... are synonyms that could well define Rocket League, a title that was released on July 7, 2015 on PC, to land on new generation consoles later, and that has already reached 34 million users since its launch. This was announced from the official website of Rocket League.



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