Dating chat for me
Join if u have any interest to date me
2 members
Single everyone included
Hi guy everyone this room is for everyone who wants to join but this is a place we’re guy can be yourself and met new people but please don’t be inappropriate and tell me if someone bullying you so I can talk or kick them out
1 members
Is this gonna work?
hey to any single 13 year old guys out there if you consider yourself to be a kind and caring person I'm a girl named Emily looking for a bf
1 members
Singles 13 17
Page for only 13 - 17 ppl. no fighting and also no bullying. a place were you can make new friends or looking for a gf or bf. everyone welcome lesbians, bisexual, trans, hetrosexuals everyone don't worry. If anything goes on in this group let me know and i'll talk with that person. have a great time...
6 members
Sugar Daddy
Girls and boys want a Sugar daddy come here and you'll find who ever you want and you can trade nudes, sext, and many other things.
5 members
PS4 gamers
Boys and girls
2 members
gamers unite
trying to make new freinds and maybe even get a new gf
1 members
Xbox one games
Boys and girls
27 members
Indian teens
Anyone who lives in India
1 members
The Daddy Club
For people are single and looking for some fun to have then come join the daddy club.
13 members
Lil gurl
2 members
Anti- scammer and bots
Join if you stand against scammers and bots
4 members
Anime lovers
This is for people who love anime, we can talk about ships, and all kinds of anime stuff
7 members
Cute guys only
I'm straight looking for cute guys
6 members
Teen Girl 4 Older Men
Look for older men to teach us teen girls how to work it right hehehehhe
38 members
Let's chat bitches!
Anyone can join and can talk about anything. No disrespecting others or inappropriate shit, do that in your own groups. Make friends or find a companioin. All types of people are welcome!
2 members
Lovering lovey
Just join gosh darn it
1 members
Single looking for guys and girls....
Hi i'm skye age:13 and i'm looking for guys and girls aged between 13 to 17 please join this group if interested....!!!!!!toodles xxx
17 members
In Search Of Love...or just FUN
Hi! I'm a gay guy who lives in Waikiki, Hawaii. I am chill, I love the beach, cooking, cuddling all night, making love for hours by candlelight, and romance. Seeking that special someone to fulfill me.
6 members
sext or anything
u can talk about anything
8 members

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