Cum Addicts
I cannot stop touching myself. I want to stop but I can’t. It is the only thing that makes me feel good. It is ruining my life.
3 members
Anyone living in Ohio should join this
2 members
Follow my Insta
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Skype cam chat
hot and sexy GirlsCam to CamSexting
21 members
Singles 17+
Dating for older, more mature teens
6 members
Im single do want to date me
Hey my name is Romia 14 looking for a bf or gf 14 to 16 I do not to nudes so don't ask 
4 members
Trading group
Trade pics, videos, call or sext. Everyone is allowed, post what you're looking for
33 members
My world my
My world is an interactive areae. Have fun
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Wanna facetime nude??? this is for u im a straight male
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Sexual talking for girls and boy
8 members
Girls looking for a lonely kind boy to love!
Any girl from any age can join and boys who are lonely who are straight can join from 13-16 yeas old. And girls 13-20! Maybe 21; BUT NO pedophiles allowed. If anyone is being bullied on here then someone tell me and I will sort it.
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For horny boys and girls
Just horny girls and boys
12 members
Hv fun no porn
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Lonely 13 almost 14
Looking for gf 14-15
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People who have been cheated on  who are looking for a gf or a bf
Its a place for people too make new friends and get a real relationship. Only for 13-16 year olds. And if your 17+ I will make your life a living  hell. Anyone one can join but if your going too sext, then get lost! And if any nudes are going too be shown I will block you. And if you know your ...
8 members
Singles trying for a relationship
No gays no les straight people who want love
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Looking for nice people
Snap mzackery33 Instagram mzackery3
4 members
Single people335
For single people who want to get to know eachother.
6 members
Help others and new friends as well as good advice
If you need someone too talk to sort out any problems you might need and if you need good advice. No bullying, swearing or sexual names are not allowed. Positive thinking and new friendships a head
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the people
1 members

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