About the vore term…
Just want to see how many people here are into vore. Not trying to be really sexual or anything. Besides that I am not into any sexual terms except for vore. The thing is I am only into safe and just a little bit of soft vore. You can DM me and maybe we can do a interview/talk about vore. Remember t...
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the people
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Country boys and country girls
This is a group for those people who live out in the country. It’s for them truck lov’n god fear’n good timers Friday nighters
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Anti-pedofile/sex addict/creep alliance
This is for people who want to stand up to sex addicts perverts and pedofiles on online apps like this! ( disclosure: this is not saying anything about people diagnosed with pedophilia, the mental disorder that causes an intense sexual attraction to pre-puberty kids; unless they are acting upon thei...
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Looking for gf!
Hi, I’m looking for a gf aged 14-15! I want someone fun and kind and most importantly: someone who loves me for who I am
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14-16 guys/girls looking for relationship, not sex
This is for guys or girls looking for an actual relationship, not to sext, if you want to sext, you AINT welcome here!
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Grogu’s Galaxy of Fans
Anyone who loves Grogu as much as I do...feel free to join this group!
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Anyone bored or wanting to do something
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Writing Club
This is a group primarily focusing on the hidden creativity and expression of CrushZone. If you write anything (fanfiction, poetry, novels, etc.) and you feel like sharing, let this be a medium for that desire. Or you could suggest works of literature for others to read. Just don't send NSFW content...
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Maximum ride
Come join Fang to fid his Max
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Scott Cawthon’s Creations
For all things related to FNAF and Scott Cawthon Games
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Minecraft universe
For anything related to Mojang Studios
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Eliana Fan Club
Hiii!!! Join to worship me, oops, I mean join to be my friend!!!
16 members
Take photos of your self and post them here!
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for bored people chat on discord
text in group for my username
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Hi everybody
Send me a message if you would like to chat with me. Boy are cool, but more looking for girls
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Chat!! Hangout , make new friends , get to know each other <3
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Whoever likes anime please hit me up…. But let me make this clear…… only the people who have My Hero Academia or Demon Slayer can answer back
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Guys and Girls 13-14
This is a place, ????
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Any guys 12-15 message me
Hey there!! I'm Mónica from Mexico. Any boys wanna talk and stuff? Send me a message or add my Kik boreedmonica or my insta Alexandragonz17 see ya!! 
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