Voidk - There's more good news for gamers
The game's manufacturer, Matthew Cederquist, also told the website that Diablo Gold the team followed a 70-30 rule: 70 percent is the new artwork that they made to enhance the dimensions and colouring of the first game, while 30%"is where we can push and include antiques plus some modernisation". ...
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I like to think we still dont know enough about the world of botw
I like to think we still dont know enough about the world of botw, if its the exact same exact world map would say I wouldnt be into it but the Animal Crossing Items area we get to research in the first game isn't all the world. I believe we are gonna receive a brand new side of hyrule. But unlike...
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Freaky/naughty females only
Only freaky/naughty females ages 14-17 ar allowed
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If you've been though shit
Just a place to speak freely or if you've had a bad day even a bad life no nudes or nasty shit 
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Looking for some gay dudes who wants to do some gay sexting. HMU. (14-16).
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Boys That are younger only 12 up to 16
Boys only teens.12 up to.
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Devil’s daughter
Fuck life
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WeTV Has Opened An Exclusive Channel for Sean Xiao
Sean xiao's overseas popularity is really too high! The international version of wetv opened a channel dedicated to Sean Xiao. WeTV is the overseas international version of Tencent Video, and it has opened a channel that puts Sean xiao alongside movies, TV series, variety shows and other sectors,...
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Girls who want to date a 15 yo
I’m a redhead my profile pic is from 4 years ago and I’m looking for a girl who likes sports and doesn’t care about looks.
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H0rny boys
aren't we all now and then?
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Friendship by distance
Here to be friends (or more) no inappropriate things and you are allowed to block, if someone is pissing you of f!
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Hello! How is everyone today??
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Girls and boys
Girls and boys 25 and under can join this to talk anyway you like
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for anyone who likes anime gaming and movies
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Only for people who do roleplaying
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Role playing
Anyone who does role playing can join
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Those who love books and writing, you have come to the right place! Share your books with other people, names of authors you recomende and tell us what you are writing about.
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