Bi Girls come for sexual activity
Want my number join ;)
1 members
3 members
Teens :D
A place to find a friend or get into a relationship! 13-16 or u will be kicked
6 members
Elizabeth Stone
 i'm new here and i'm looking for some great experience like meeting new people to have fun. Lol;) how about you what do you do for fun? ;)
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Looking for a girl 14-17 who preferably lives in NJ. Kinda wanna rp. 
2 members
Peps who are in Kentucky and want to talk and possibly meet up and chill
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gay dating chat
I need a lover
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I'm kinda lonely
Hey looking for guys in London 17 - 19 y/o, preferably with dominant personalities as I can be quite shy.
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you know what
5 members
Military Teens
Just a group for teens who have an interest in any branch of the (US) military.
5 members
Metal heads welcome
Match making
5 members
pop music fans
for all pop music fans out there!ariana grande, selena gomez, taylor swift, katy perry....
5 members
Flirt groups
No nudes, no sexting just chilling and some flirting
14 members
Looking for a girl who likes anime or is nice
Looking for a girl my name says it all
2 members
K-Pop Fans
Title .
2 members
Atlanta People
For any individuals in ATL. Maybe we can meetup sometime. ^^
1 members
Heather's the musical rp
Hi I'm Shannon and my favourite musical is heather's and I wanted to have a to with some people and make new friends 
4 members
hey looking for a nice guy
wanna talk or find someone who is kind and doesnt just care about his d*ck lol
12 members
Chat room.
You can talk about anything u want. 
4 members
Friendship for Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals
This will be a place for lesbians gays and bisexuals to meet and make friends with people who accept them. Please don't be older than 17.
6 members

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