music lovers
if u into music then join the group
1 members
want a gf or bf
no one is left out
3 members
so...true....(thank god I got outta there) join if you agree, or don't lol debate or something ^-^
1 members
pierce the veil scum
hai I love pierce the veil so,,,*unable to breathe* much oh my fucking god I just AAAHH MY BEANS tony perry's mine btw
1 members
Bisexual Girls and Boys!!!
Hi only 13-15 years old please.
1 members
young teens looking for love and friendship
wanna be bf or gf or friends
1 members
LGBTQIA+* Railfans
For the few members of the LGBTQIA+* community who have an interest in railroading, trains, and/or locomotives (Straight allies welcome)
1 members
single pringle
looking for a bf who is cute af and is nice 
3 members
Atheist gather here and we talk about atheist things.
1 members
be my girl????????
I just to find a girl ,who can be my partner for now even not in future Even we are so far from each otherI dont care if she is not beautiful..Just a caring kind and rensponsible partner.????????
6 members
Australian teens looking for love
Australian teens only. This is a place where you can talk, hook up...
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Looking for Bf who can accept me
Hi I’m a very feminine male and I usually go through moments where I get suicidal do to past thoughts so please don’t worry about that I’ve gotten through! I am a homosexual guy looking for other 13-14 gay guys! I’m 13 and 5’0 (pretty short Ik) 44kg and yeah. Please Join if interested
2 members
Ohio Singles
13-17 only! :)
2 members
for any one that is looking for someone
just be yourself
2 members
Single and ready to mingle in FL
Here you can be yourselves and meet you person(s) you don't have to be from Florida but this makes it easier for those that do live in Florida.
3 members
Hey girls
Hey girls I’m a 15 yo male who wants a relationship hmu on here or dm me if ur single thx!!????????
1 members
Alliance of the United nations, held together by the EU and ,USA
1 members
New Guy
I just got on here, looking for new friends my email is
1 members
Fort Gynesis
This is a group where swords clash and arrows fly! If you like strategy, war, fighting, and other battle stuff like that then this place is for you. JOIN THE GYNESIS REVOLUTION!!!!!!
1 members
The girls and boys chat line
With people that are single 
8 members

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