I Don't Fear Shakespeare
Come, all thee relishers of the written words of old!  (Yeah, this is just a hangout for all you Shakespeare fans.)
12 members
If u dont have no life or u just lonely tryin to find love join its ur best chance all kind as allowed meaning bi's and homo's join if u want to meet the one u luv. P.s. come join the group if u r rlly lonely and want a mate just join and spread deh word 
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Need some friends!! :)
Hi I am Rachel and I am looking for some friends who are loyal and trustworthy. It could be guys or girls doesn't really matter just here to make friends (:
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Lesbians near Kansas
just join and chat
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Post hardcore
Pierce the veil, black veil brides, Sleeping with sirens,Memphis may fire,issues, Bring me the horizon
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want my number join this group
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Need a boyfriend :)
I want to find the perfect guy, he doesn't need to be perfect looking, but have the perfect personality.  I want someone I can talk to all day, laugh with, and be happy with.  I don't need someone utterly boring.  Message me, so we can talk more!! :))
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8th Graders
If your single and in 8th grade join this to talk and just have fun
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creepypasta fans
if u love creepypasta  don't be afraid they wont bit
23 members
Lankey Kong fan club
he has no style. he has no grace. this kong has a funny face
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Lesbians/Bi Girls Looking for Friends or Girlfriend
If you a lesbian/bi girl who wants to make friend or find a girlfriend come look here~! ^w^
164 members
Gay 13 and 14 males
Only gays 13 and 14
2 members
Single 14 females
14 females only
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Single 13 females
Only females 13
2 members
Dating 13-16
cool dating chat for teens aged 13 to 16
5 members
Rihanna Navy!
If your a fan of Rihanna Join now!!!
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Loyal Men
For all the girl's ho like a loyal men that they can trust and shere everything.
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Need some one to talk to
Were you abused? If so join to meet people who know what you went through or are going through. People who understand abuse.
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love music
Do u love music?Do u love singing?Do u love listening to music?If u answered yes to any of these questions then this is a group for u 
72 members

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