The Glorious Pc Master Race
The Glorious Pc Master Race
1 members
Heck let's be friends talk about stuff
I don't know talk to people make friends
2 members
YouTube Fandom
All YouTube lover are welcome
3 members
Deathcore is the heaviest you can get with metal.Such as bands known as Suicide Silence,Oceano, Job for a Cowboy and my favorite, Chelsea Grin.
13 members
Dating for 13 and 14 year olds
Are you looking for a girl or boyfriend then this is for you. Hook up date or just have fun 
29 members
Gamers m games
If you like m games this is the group for you we may discuss t rated games if wanted. We will discuss cheats and have loads of fun!
5 members
Ballistic Camera
Idgaf post anything here. - (Preferable nice professional photos up to a standard of "no" nudes or expect a kick)
1 members
fabulous people who cosplay
21 members
All lovers
If you are bi,straight,gay or lesbian come here. You might just find the love of your life. Hate is blocked <3
11 members
Cool Kids
For those who are CHILL and Weird... You WILL be kicked out if you violate any rules. Just be you and no BS . k thanks.  Any questions or comments message me @Queen
1 members
Canada, Ontario, Burlington folks only
If you love in Canada, Burlington you may join (Hamilton and Oakville too)
1 members
The Computer Era
for people who are really crazy on technology and computers
2 members
Fine that right person
sometimes things are hard and just need a big  hug and sometimes that not always the key. you just need someone that will  make you smile. if you want to just meet new people just join this group . we can all be friends and you can be more then friends on here .
2 members
Ownup if you have broken someone's heart
1 members
Umm kinda obvious that this is all about rap
2 members
Live love and be Porn Free
For all those who know that life would be better without porn always getting in the way.
1 members
I want a bf 16-24 Kik me : _hey.alex_
1 members
wwe lovers
lol i know its sounds werid  but i love it and would love to find some one to talk about it with
11 members
juggalos and juggalettes
Whoop whoop!!!
1 members
I just want friends
For people of all ages who just want to find new friends
2 members

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