Fleek Squad
Teens Just Being Teens Talk About funny stuff u can say anything thats on ur mind (AKA)speak ur mind really 
30 members
if you are single and looking for me
3 members
Creative Writing
I started writing some poems and songs and wanted to know what people think? So here goes.... The End By Izraylia Nichols   As I see the blood pour from my wrist I think of everything I will miss But when I think back to you; I can't help but feel ashamed Because I promi...
22 members
Friends With Feny
If you're friends with Feny and you agree that he's a great guy you should join this group. For girls and guys! 
14 members
singles that want to chat on kik
if it single and looking for a relationship join and meet people and talk to each other on kik 
7 members
Looking for Minnesotans :)
This site makes it very difficult to find those who live close, so if you want to meet up with people from Minnesota, join this Group.
3 members
For all ho like Feny in anyway 
81 members
Philadelphia Gays 13-17
Come Join
2 members
Colorado peoples
Why does nobody live here
3 members
This is for people who live for the outdoors and are single
8 members
who wants to join a kik group chat?
4 members
Lesbians only no dudes or straights! 
2 members
singles/long distance
anyoe that wants a boy friend or girlfriend that wont mind a long distance relationship
7 members
lesbian/bi girls in canada!!
title says it all, any ages welcome :)
1 members
if u play minecraft then join this group
8 members
singles 18 to 21!!!!
If your looking singles from 18 to 21 this is your room just have fun! :)
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Need Help Finding Love?
                                                      MESSAGE ME!!Helping other's is what I do best! If you have a crush and your doubting yourself, come to me for h...
18 members
Attack on Titan
For those who love the show, rp for it, read the magna, and/or cosplay. For Humanity!
39 members
single 15-19
come find the special person, don't be shy , be you're self an not some one ur not 
2 members
just be your self !!!!!!!
say what you want
1 members

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