Relationship and friendd
Looking for a boy 13-14 Or friends
1 members
13-15 year old single boys who are looking for love
basically sharing your personality and i will choose who will date me
2 members
1 members
I want bdsm lifestyle relationship
I AM Alex into bdsm and bi . Who into bdsm lifestyle msg me 
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Love Zone
anybody that wants to talk to me u can.
7 members
Let's Talk About:Anime
Join if you love Anime
9 members
Geeky and Proud
2 members
Teens Clique
Teens can chat meet and talk
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16 year old girls
Looking for love
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Hello! This grigr is for anyone who practices witchcraft or has an interest in learning about it! I've been practicing witchcraft for around ffive years now and I'm really proud of it! Anywho, I've rambled on too much now so I'm going to go!
6 members
UK| 13-14| emo/scene/goth
join if ur an edgy kid from the uk that wants love
1 members
Google hangouts girl only
Hey girls I am a boy who need a gf if you would like to have a chance private msg me your email so we can chat on google hangouts
4 members
Join only if you're 15-18
1 members
Bronx lovers
For the people who need a boyfriend or girlfriend in the Bronx
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Young love
need to find a mate come on and join 
2 members
Add me on snap
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16-17 Year Olds in Australia (Singles)
16 to 17 year olds from Australia and still living in Australia. Single guy and girls come and meet someone. No fakes, please.
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Alligence of Nerdy
If your Nerdy and like Nerdy people please come!????
5 members
Long Island 16+
Anyone in Long Island NY 16+ 
2 members

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