Bored and alone
Im lookin for a girl to talk to which could lead to a relationship or someone to play games with on PS4
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i need a GF age 14
hii i need a GF im caring and like gaming msg me to talk and if you’re into it do something naughty ????
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Looking for 13- 14 year old girlfriend
I'll be honest, I'm looking for love, im looking for a 13 or 14 year old girl to talk to and hopefully be in a relationship with, please message me!
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Need a boyfriend???
if you need a 13 year old boyfriend im here to chat
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Need a girlfriend I’m 15
I’m single and I’m a male from Massachusetts Hmu I’m 15 girls come get me
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Cobalt Chrome Alloy (Stellite Alloy) Applications
Applications of Stellite Alloy (Shenyang Top New Material Co.,Ltd Manufacture). It include saw teeth, hardfacing, and acid-resistant machine parts. Stellite was a major improvement in the production of poppet valves and valve seats for the valves, particularly exhaust valves, of internal co...
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any females up for chat? (BEFORE IM GONE?)
hi my name is Kyle I have not so much to do outher than hate myself talk if u want
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Lonely odd
This is for girls who would prefer personality instead of looks....I'm a lonely person
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Kians group
For friends and potential girlfriends lol!????
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boys and girls that live in arizona
boys and girls that live in Arizona
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chargers vs ravenschargers vs ravens Livechargers vs ravens Live Streamravens vs chargersravens vs chargers Liveravens vs chargers Live Stream vs ravenschargers vs ravens Livechargers vs ravens Live Streamraven...
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Looking for gf 14-17
Looking for any girl size race doesn’t matter (preferably willing to send every once in a while but not required)
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Looking for a Girlfriend (plz)
I'm looking for my first girlfriend or at least a girl to talk to and hang out with. I don't care how you look or your age just if your nice and caring or not ;)
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Girls with naught fantasy
Hi come and msg me you sexual dreams girls and guys pls msg me wht you and 
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Who want swap pics and vids
Hi so who want to swap pics and vids offline with me pls msg me girls and guys xx
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Music talk/hmu chat
Just talk about music and if your bored 
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Y'all ded
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I need somebody to talk to
I just need some girl to know.
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Les avantages des pointeurs laser pour les chats
La plupart des chats aiment les stylo laser. Vous pouvez appuyer sur le bouton pour laisser le laser rouge atterrir avec précision sur le sol ou le mur ... juste à l'extérieur de la portée de votre chat et observer son attaque soudaine. C'est amusant à regarder, c'est très intéressant pour votr...
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hey im bored
im bored message me
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