Town of salem players
Anyone who plays town of salem,  add me as a friend and maybe play a couple games CFramZ
1 members
Tomboys and Tomboy Lovers
For anyone who loves tomboys or is a tomboy.
7 members
theatre kids!
theatre kids who are looking for love <3 14-17 welcome; any sexual orientation & gender allowed! NO HATE OR PERVERTS!
5 members
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1 members
The lol
Idk just in the search of the perfectly women in my life
1 members
Singles with Depression
This is a group for singles that is struggling with depression. We will get though this together don't give up only for 13-18.
6 members
I am a guy looking for a girlfriend but she has to be around my age.  i'm 15I'm cool with long distance 
1 members
bisexuals that are 13-15
Bisexual 13-15-year-olds looking for someone. Either as a friend or something more
1 members
1 members
Your beast nude pics
Send them hear I will rate and let you know if your a 0 are a 10 please girls pics only guys get ready to vote 
1 members
This group is for people who like long hair, short hair, cutting hair, etc.
1 members
i looking for girls for dating and email
i looking for girls for dating and email
1 members
Look for a gf
I'm just looking for a nice but not perfect girlfriend. It doesn't matter if your black or any other color
1 members
I’m a guy looking for a girl
I am 14 years old
1 members
Looking for Fortnite girlfriend
I'll feature you in a YT video
1 members
Crazy dirty talking mfs
1 members
looking for some naughty girls add snap its:realnibba65
1 members
secret revealing
anyonewant to reveal secrets to me and group memebrs then heres your chance 
4 members
Love chat
Looking for some overweight girls in New England ages 14-15 who I might like ( I have a thing for bigger girls )
2 members
Single and ready to mingle
Dbgsc hashes grants
2 members

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