Old Music
"Everyone my age listens to all this shitty new music, while I listen to songs from the 1900s." Sound like you? Yes, I know it does, but how about you fucking prove it by joining this group and talking about the oldest song you know.
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Marvel Talk!
For all the superhero lovers lets talk about it! 
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heart shattered please  love me
if your loved one died than this group is for you
4 members
Sonic/mario lovers
for people who love sonic
2 members
Book Chat
This is for book lovers!! NO comics or baby books please:D
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Christmas Freebies
Give site information on site offering Christmas freebies
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Gay Or Bi Guys In Indiana
I'm seriously looking for a boyfriend and I live in Indiana message me (pls) if you are as well
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Pointeur laser brulant
Si vous avez déjà acheté un laser en feu, vous pouvez jeter un coup d'œil et vous préparer à en acheter laser d'autres à regarder. Maintenant, de plus en plus de clients nous disent que le laser qu'ils achètent ne brûlera pas. Par conséquent, afin de permettre à davantage de clients de com...
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Looking for a girl friend
I am looking for friends. But I also really want to find a girl that gives and appreciates. HMU if you want want to be friends. Or work on a relationship(girls only for relationships). HMU on Snapchat all you cute girls @bricev84
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Looking for a girlfriend to be mine
Looking for a cute girl to be mine???????????? hmu on snap-simplycole5
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true love seekers
if you want love, join!
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Dating Group 13-18
Looking for a gf or bf join this
9 members
Find a boy or girl friend =\
Hi 0-0
13 members
Looking for a boyfriend ho is more loyal
Join me in an epic journy to find true love & a new best friend
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Like someone
Hello everyone 
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Single and need an girlfriend
Hate being alone
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Source laser
Les lasers sont utilisés pour produire des faisceaux monochromatiques directionnels et hautement cohérents dans diverses applications, notamment la gravure, la mesure, le positionnement, la numérisation de codes à barres, les sciences de la vie ou la vision industrielle. Un laser est un dispositif o...
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Hey if youre in a totally loyal bf whos funny, smart, and can always make time for you then hmu 
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Colorado people
I basically wanna meet people in my area.
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