Gay people
Anyone who wants a gf or bf and are gay.
3 members
I don’t have a title
I’m looking for a boy age 13-15
13 members
Looking for a relationship
Just looking for some that i have so much in common with and cares about me as much as i care about them
2 members
Peeps in Connecticut
Read the title...Duh
2 members
Bay teens
We need to meet
1 members
13-19 Nerds Groupie
Video Games, Books, Comic fans join in!No bullying or starting fights, otherwise you WILL be kicked out.
1 members
Potato squad!
Idk just hang out. have fun don't be a perv and enjoy 
2 members
New Hampshire singles
New Hampshire singles looking for that someone.
1 members
yall text me
Im bored so if yall want too yall can hit your girl up
1 members
looking for a bf or a gf
looking for a gf or a bf come here
1 members
single girl needs bf
please date me
2 members
Misc ExDee
why do you want a description 
1 members
People Living in Britsh Columbia
This group is for anyone who lives in British Columbia. If your Gay, Straight or even Bisexual, your all welcome to join.
1 members
Gabe lewis25
looking for some one nice blonde and has blue eyes so hit me up not gay or bisexual and male
1 members
Boys Will be Boys :-P
Looking for boys my age to talk to
2 members
13 old girls
Hi! My name is Ryan and I’m looking for kind, sweet, loving girls to talk to. Message me if I want to chat!
3 members
San Diego, CA dates
For anyone who's in San Diego and wants to hook up or go on a date and just meet new people
1 members
whats up com chat
5 members
Any one who wants to chat
For any one who wants to hmu because I don’t know how to reply to the messages
2 members
over 19
anyoneover 19 is welcomed
1 members

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