Singles 14-18
Wanna chat with someone, date, hook up, hang out?
5295 members
For gay or bi-sexual
For gay or bi-sexual people who can't seem to find anyone
3058 members
Group for gamers
2479 members
Join this group if you need love!
2373 members
Bisexuals looking for love
This group is for all the bisexual boys and girl that want to find that someone special. It's a place you can't be judged for liking both halves and wanting something more than just friendship!
2062 members
Singles group
If your single join this
1748 members
Long Distance Relationship and Friendship
Nothing is impossible wherever you are, whoever you are :)
1266 members
SIngles 13-14
This is a chat room for singles ages 13-14. Straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual. Everyone is welcome. No bullying, no fighting, and nothing too inappropriate.
936 members
Looking for really relationship NOT sex
if you looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend then come in :) if you lookin for sex and sextin FUCK OFF and dont be rude 13/18
892 members
We just talk n do watever!
662 members
emo teens
Find the emo boy/girl of your dreams and make new friends
529 members
this is for people who love to dance or sing... (:
461 members
14 year olds
14  15 and 16 girls and guys 
423 members
Just a place for creepypasta lovers alike ^-^
420 members
Lesbians/Bi Girls Looking for Friends or Girlfriend
If you a lesbian/bi girl who wants to make friend or find a girlfriend come look here~! ^w^
411 members
For anyone who likes the Pokemanz.* *spelled this way to portray a sense of irony
362 members
LGBT Pride
A group for people who are Gay, Bisexual,Tran sexual, and lesians NO STRAIGHT PEOPLE ALLOWED GAYS AND LESBIANS ONLY !!!!!! AND NO HATERS !!!!!! NO PERVERTS !!!!!!!!
319 members
For all you people who like science, math, and/or tech.
316 members
17 and up!!
17 and up only!! trying to weed out the little kids :) (single or taken)
264 members
The Readers!
Share your experiences about the books you have read, discuss books, recommend books, ask questions! Post your own works if you want! Basically its all about reading! And who knows you may find someone special... ;)
210 members

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