For all you people who like science, math, and/or tech.
244 members
SIngles 13-14
This is a chat room for singles ages 13-14. Straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual. Everyone is welcome. No bullying, no fighting, and nothing too inappropriate.
233 members
Lesbians/Bi Girls Looking for Friends or Girlfriend
If you a lesbian/bi girl who wants to make friend or find a girlfriend come look here~! ^w^
187 members
Gay singles
find the perfect match and be together for ever 
187 members
The Readers!
Share your experiences about the books you have read, discuss books, recommend books, ask questions! Post your own works if you want! Basically its all about reading! And who knows you may find someone special... ;)
167 members
LGBT Pride
A group for people who are Gay, Bisexual,Tran sexual, and lesians NO STRAIGHT PEOPLE ALLOWED GAYS AND LESBIANS ONLY !!!!!! AND NO HATERS !!!!!! NO PERVERTS !!!!!!!!
162 members
17 and up!!
17 and up only!! trying to weed out the little kids :) (single or taken)
153 members
Markiplier fans
For all those fans of one of the best YouTubers ever!
135 members
Ghost Adventures
for all the people who LOVE Ghost Adventures
124 members
Country People
If you're someone who loves horses or ranch life or you just love being outdoors join now!!!!!
121 members
14 year olds
14  15 and 16 girls and guys 
115 members
This group is for those who want to make friends or something more on skype
112 members
Need a boyfriend :)
I want to find the perfect guy, he doesn't need to be perfect looking, but have the perfect personality.  I want someone I can talk to all day, laugh with, and be happy with.  I don't need someone utterly boring.  Message me, so we can talk more!! :))
110 members
If u dont have no life or u just lonely tryin to find love join its ur best chance all kind as allowed meaning bi's and homo's join if u want to meet the one u luv. P.s. come join the group if u r rlly lonely and want a mate just join and spread deh word 
101 members
So artists can show their work off
99 members
Come talk to other SPN Fans and maybe you might date one of us ;)
96 members
Anime/Need Girl Friends/Destiny Players
Look for a girl that you like,and also like Anime. Have fun!!!                                         If any questions please ask                    ...
96 members
Im fine
people see:me smiling and happy Inside: upset, alone, hurt, bullied, unloved.................
95 members
For all ho like Feny in anyway 
82 members
xbox gamers
all xbox gamers!!! 
79 members

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