The Readers!
Share your experiences about the books you have read, discuss books, recommend books, ask questions! Post your own works if you want! Basically its all about reading! And who knows you may find someone special... ;)
208 members
Markiplier fans
For all those fans of one of the best YouTubers ever!
165 members
This group is for those who want to make friends or something more on skype
163 members
Ghost Adventures
for all the people who LOVE Ghost Adventures
145 members
If u dont have no life or u just lonely tryin to find love join its ur best chance all kind as allowed meaning bi's and homo's join if u want to meet the one u luv. P.s. come join the group if u r rlly lonely and want a mate just join and spread deh word 
142 members
love music
Do u love music?Do u love singing?Do u love listening to music?If u answered yes to any of these questions then this is a group for u 
134 members
For thirteen year old girls and boys that are single!!!!
If you are a 13 y.o. boy or girl join this group you might find the perfect one for u?
131 members
So artists can show their work off
127 members
looking for a bf gf
Looking for someone who is just looking to date
126 members
Anime/Need Girl Friends/Destiny Players
Look for a girl that you like,and also like Anime. Have fun!!!                                         If any questions please ask                    ...
118 members
Bisexual and Lesbian Girls
A group for Bisexual and Lesbian girls to hopefully find some love, or at least friendship. (NO BOYS OR STRAIGHT GIRLS ALLOWED)
117 members
Im fine
people see:me smiling and happy Inside: upset, alone, hurt, bullied, unloved.................
116 members
Gay boys meet :)
The place to chat, meet and befriend fellow gay teens. Which at times seems so hard to do.
113 members
Come talk to other SPN Fans and maybe you might date one of us ;)
111 members
Hey guys if ur a single boy looking for a girl come into this chat
103 members
xbox gamers
all xbox gamers!!! 
97 members
Lesbian and bi girls
No boy allowed, this is a group for girls that like girls to talk to other girls that like girls
96 members
join if u want a bf or gf
join if your 13-16 if u want a bf or gf
93 members
Loving teen
I want  sweet teen girls when wants boy friend come in
91 members
Need love, and feel sad
If u want love meet someone here and have a chat about anything or u could just say hi, and if your sad were here to help u through that and if u need anyone to talk to or if u want a heart to heart just tell us, let us help u get love and u help us 
91 members

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