Loving teen
I want  sweet teen girls when wants boy friend come in
84 members
For wolf lovers who make a pack
84 members
Need some friends!! :)
Hi I am Rachel and I am looking for some friends who are loyal and trustworthy. It could be guys or girls doesn't really matter just here to make friends (:
83 members
Need love, and feel sad
If u want love meet someone here and have a chat about anything or u could just say hi, and if your sad were here to help u through that and if u need anyone to talk to or if u want a heart to heart just tell us, let us help u get love and u help us 
83 members
Bisexual and Lesbian Girls
A group for Bisexual and Lesbian girls to hopefully find some love, or at least friendship. (NO BOYS OR STRAIGHT GIRLS ALLOWED)
83 members
For all ho like Feny in anyway 
81 members
The Welcome Wagon
Just tell people that they are welcome to the site and show them a good time :) be friendly and caring, as if they were a kitten you just adopted.  Contact me for any questions via my inbox > Private message. - Sync
79 members
LGBTQI - Straight
This group is for all of those LGBTQI and Straight members who want to date :)
78 members
Gay boys meet :)
The place to chat, meet and befriend fellow gay teens. Which at times seems so hard to do.
77 members
Bi Sexual
This is for any Bi sexuals out there!
76 members
Think I'm pretty?
Tell me I am pretty or not.. Honest opinions please
65 members
Anyone who enjoys watching, or even posting, YouTube videos
64 members
Single Mingle!
Singles mingle HERE!
61 members
Singles! 15-19!
Come and meet new people! <3
59 members
for people who loves jumpscares
58 members
13-17 single
Hmu guys and girls looking for 13-17 old people teens only
58 members
If you are single crushing on someone then singlecrushes is for you . Any age can join this and aslong as you are friendly then no rules to this group. This might be your chance to shine and find the person that you are looking for xxx
56 members
The insane and the Imaginative (
For people interested in art and the obscure, come in and share your ideas and thoughts.
54 members
For people who love listening to nightcore's music (a group of which I am a part of)
53 members
My little pony
this is were bronies can find there soul mate
52 members

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