The insane and the Imaginative (
For people interested in art and the obscure, come in and share your ideas and thoughts.
57 members
Am I the only one here?? cx
54 members
any one can join if you like horror movies
53 members
show me
Show me what u want
53 members
My little pony
this is were bronies can find there soul mate
52 members
Finding a boy/girlfriend(13-16)
This is for anyone who wants to find a girlfriend/boyfriend. Please don't join this if you are under 13 or over 16 years old. Have fun! 
52 members
Electronic Music
For all those who love electronic music!
51 members
For my friends
for my friends who want to talk to me or others. X3
51 members
Shy little gamers
Come here and meet someone whether or not it is romantic
51 members
Random/ weird people
Anyone who can be considered weird or random plz join this group
50 members
KIK Friends
A group of everyone straight lesbian gay whatever to communicate on kik and get to know each other. Post your username but make sure you state who you want to contact you and please be respectful
50 members
Broken Heart
Did Some one cheat on you or Broke your hart? Join tis group to talk to people with the same problem!
49 members
Country kids
for single country people
49 members
For Anyone Who likes the bands up there^
49 members
For people who are depressed, sucidal, stressed & emotional.
This is a group for you to post how you feel, nice helpful picture or comments. (no hurtful or mean stuff) and just maybe you might find someone who feels the same as you or loves you.
49 members
This group is for LGBT'S anywere of all age.... chat flirt and have fun but also be safe.. I created this because i'm single and I know its hard to find love...
48 members
Interracial Love
Its not about colour. Its about love ♡
48 members
Cartoon Fans
For anybody who likes cartoons like Steven Universe, gravity falls, adventure time, and more :D
48 members
For all the pizza fans!
47 members
anime\ manga
Talk about anime of all kinds.
46 members

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