emo/scene/punk/goth/kawaii looking for love
a place for all emo, scene, goth, punk and kawaii peoples alike to find love no matter of sexual orientation or gender. 
41 members
Here For You
This group is for those who are seeing what I'm seeing. There are people who need someone right now and feel like they are going through this world alone, who need someone to talk to, someone who will listen. This group is to let them know that there are people who will listen and who care.
41 members
Interracial Love
Its not about colour. Its about love ♡
41 members
Hey guys if ur a single boy looking for a girl come into this chat
41 members
LGBT Lesbians
Any Girls In The US Who are Lesbians? join the Group
39 members
comedians only group
Hahaha good for comediansJoin if u love a good laughfter
39 members
show me
Show me what u want
39 members
Attack on Titan
For those who love the show, rp for it, read the magna, and/or cosplay. For Humanity!
38 members
Cat lovers
Kittenz =^W^=, use the z, z iz better, yes ik I'm changing this a lot, -_- KITTENZ :3:3:3:3:3:3:3 =^W^=
37 members
Finding a boy/girlfriend(13-16)
This is for anyone who wants to find a girlfriend/boyfriend. Please don't join this if you are under 13 or over 16 years old. Have fun! 
37 members
Animals :D
Just join
36 members
Rap Music
Any Rap music fans?
36 members
League of Legends
For LoL players, if any.
36 members
Single and 16 - 18
Anyone who wants to chat who's 16 -18 and single :)
35 members
Smoking Teens
Join if you love to smoke
33 members
A group for those possessing above average intelligence, where true intellectually stimulating conversations can be had, topics can be debated, and idiots can be mocked.
32 members
For those who love the Okami franchise.
32 members
harry potter
for any harry potter fans in any countries
31 members
Steam Fangroup
For anyone who plays, steam or Likes steam 
30 members
Fleek Squad
Teens Just Being Teens Talk About funny stuff u can say anything thats on ur mind (AKA)speak ur mind really 
30 members

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