Well, Hey im Corpal!... Yeah....... Thats me..., So i come from a wealthy family but i suffered from severe depressions Really the only way to cure that is to not think of it Have something distract you,But anyways im primarily a PC gamer, I love to play VR, So if you ever do want to talk on discord just ask me and ill give you my discord Name And #, If we do supposedly talk..... Well lets just say this, IM A SHY PERSON. I came on this site to start a relationship like you other people that can't get a Bf Nor a Gf In real life, Or your just to shy to ask, to the point you gave up hope (me). Well even, if anyone looks at my profile feel free to come back here again! (If a girl is looking at my profile, Click the thing that says send private message). I love to do many things, you always got to try something once to know your future,.... Well lets say asking someone out didn't meet my criteria of Trying every thing out once, So i'm trying online dating to see if that works out, i feel more alive online then i do the real world, I'm not shy, Not Hesitant, Feel free, Overall i love the internet, Well also i do love sports. I'm a big Weeb (And for the people who don't know what Weeb is, Its a person who loves anime) Lets just say that...I was the Weeb that would leave my friends on discord just to watch anime. I've never been in a relationship in my life so, IM EXTRA SHY... YAAY...





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