Hi! My zodiac sign is a Scorpio! No I am not as evil as people make my sign out to be, the only part that is true, is my greatest fear of being betrayed by someone I am close to. Yes I have trust issues, but I don't fully not trust.
I can be very sensitive sometimes. I hate people being mean to one another, and bullying. It's not right and us as human beings deserve better than that.
I like acting, writing, working out, dancing, and reading outside. I like many other things too, it says some under my interests, and some is missing. I don't have a style, but I will say, I love, love, love, anything oversized.
Even though what I said earlier is true, I still can be a big bitch sometimes, but only when someone makes fun of me, or bully's my friends, or even says crap about my family.
Otherwise, I am sweet and out going!
I am taken, but you can private message me if you just want to chat, if you don't have anyone to talk to.
Have a great day!
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