My ideal type is a cute guy or handsome and especially kind , sweet and caring and also the one who will love me the way I am and the one who will respect me and treat me her queen.
I hate guys who love trade nudes
And also I have phobia in sea waters I dont know why but my parents says I got it when Im was a kid because my personal maid watch movie with me in an age of 3 years old and my parents told me that Ive got that phobia not because of my maid because it is because of the movie we watched because we watch the piranha .I hate fish and also any kinds of bodies of water because of my phobia.
I love singing and dancing and also I love to draw anime 's and also I love to paint a landscape painting about nature and also animals.I also love music. Someday I want to become a professional photographer and a succesful architect.


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