My name is Colin, I'm 16, from England, but currently I am living in the U.S. so I haven't found any girls out here yet in the outside world, so I figured I'd try my luck on the virtual world. What I look for in a girl is not always beauty. However I do tend to prefer an attractive girl, but my main interests I seek are ultimately an above average IQ, a geek, an animal lover, and a girl interested in a subculture whether she be a Gothic, Mod, Casual, or Punk girl. A girl who is respectful, selfless, compassionate, loving, and polite to others. A girl who is interested in conversation, or an intelligent debate. If you're interested in me so far, take a look at my interests or private message me. I'll reply within 24 hours, and if you're interested perhaps we can exchange phone numbers, emails, or any social media accounts such as Facebook or Google+ Thank you so much.