Thinking name is Christopher, I'm 13, I am sort of geeky, I like Alternative Rock and some Rock (ie Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Green Day, MCR, Skillet etc.) and a bit of hip hop/rap. I am also a huge Star Wars fan. I think that it's the best. Gaming is also a hobby of mine. I enjoy first-person shooter games such as Overwatch and almost all Star Wars Battlefronts(2005-2019) and I also enjoy open world games. I play basketball some sports but only for fun. Call me sporty and you will be wrong to no extent. I'm not what one would call clingy but I do try to say hello and check-in. I respond considerably quickly. I am also mildly sarcastic and dry and do make puns kind of often. I also enjoy dark humor so you probably shouldn't speak to me as I find any kind of joke fair game. This can range from anything to anything but I digress, though you have probably stopped reading by now. And I am also a considerably bad "photo smiler". I honestly am creeped out by my profile picture. I tried (and failed) though, heh heh. If you wanna speak, I'm practically always on Discord. If you want that or just a different SM account just ask as I don't like holding conversations using this. I respond fairly quickly on those that I use, Discord being the quickest. Have a nice day!

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