Hey! My name is Maxim (Max). I am a 16 year old boy and I live in Northern Texas. Anyways I am looking for any type of relationship, sexual or dating. I am also here to meet new people and make friends so boys can message me for that on here or my social media. If you girls don't wanna date we can still be friends and can't wait to talk with you all.

I like playing golf and football. I love seafood and I occasionally eat other foreign foods. I watch a bit of anime but mainly focus on crime and medieval shows like Criminal Minds and Grey's Anatomy. I don't have a preference in what I want in a girl but just as long as she is funny!

I am 5"6 so I am short for a boy my age. I have dirty blonde hair (or just say brown). I have greenish/bluish eyes and I weigh between 1lbs -1,000 lbs.

I want to be a doctor when I grow up. More specifically a Hemotologist (Blood Doctor). I love the complexity of blood cells as nd how they work.

I am a Christian but don't let that stop you from being sexual with me.

Lastly if you live near Northern Texas (DFW area) then we should try to meet up!

Snapchat & Instagram: maxlancaster555



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