Hi im raven , I live in palmetto florida and im kinda the weird girl in my area ... so no one likes me . Im a little uhm chubby but I dont let that stop me from from being me and looking for a guy who would love me for me ... im trying really hard to lose weight because I want to be a mermaid when im older because I love to make other people happy so that they never get as sad as I get to be when im alone . I have chronic depression because of a bad past , and social anxiety but I try to hide both because people get sad when I let it show so I dont . If you think you can handle my weirdest id love to talk to you but please keep in mind I dont like drugs alchohal or smoking and I will not talk to you any longer if you sudget it I also am not ready for sex and there for will not send pics but I love to talk to new people and im looking for someone nice and smart and someone who would like to have a long term relationship with me maybe who could hang out often and go on dates ... to be honest ive never dated before so please dont take advantage of it

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