I'm interested in politics, philosophy, psychology, science, electronics, tech, memes, and various other things. I'm politically a libertarian (minarchist), and believe in the non-aggression principle.

I'd like to plan long-term and with seriousness. I would like a marriage and kids, and to move to the US eventually.

I'm looking for:
*Someone who can deal with, and ideally share, my lack of sexual desire. (except for procreation)*

Someone free-thinking & interested in the long term; who shares some interests; who either lives in the US, or would be active in moving there; who manifests confidence and trait disagreeableness; who is capable of making an argument and defending their positions; who does not look repulsive and cares about their health; someone who exhibits intelligence; and someone who is non-violent except under limited circumstances such as defense from violence or substantial violent threat.

Anyone who believes it is acceptable to use force or coercion against a person who refuses to pay tax need not apply.


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