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No more bullying
Help take the stand to stop bullying for good.
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SIngles 13-14
This is a chat room for singles ages 13-14. Straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual. Everyone is welcome. No bullying, no fighting, and nothing too inappropriate.
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Looking for really relationship NOT sex
if you looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend then come in :) if you lookin for sex and sextin FUCK OFF and dont be rude 13/18
829 members
Find a hottie
join if your 13-16 and looking for someone to hu, date, chat, sext (if that’s what ur into lol)
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need a friend who lives close
i just broke up
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my hero acidamia fans
for my hero acadamia fans 
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Teen bi love/trading
Bi or straight come in and be kinky trade pics or fall in love. Up to you.
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