Cameron13's groups

Group for gamers
1957 members
Singles group
If your single join this
1139 members
13 year olds
Only for people who are 13 year olds
1127 members
Long Distance Relationship and Friendship
Nothing is impossible wherever you are, whoever you are :)
697 members
emo/scene/punk/goth/kawaii looking for love
a place for all emo, scene, goth, punk and kawaii peoples alike to find love no matter of sexual orientation or gender. 
41 members
this is for people who love to dance or sing... (:
361 members
Steam Fangroup
For anyone who plays, steam or Likes steam 
30 members
SIngles 13-14
This is a chat room for singles ages 13-14. Straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual. Everyone is welcome. No bullying, no fighting, and nothing too inappropriate.
232 members
For thirteen year old girls and boys that are single!!!!
If you are a 13 y.o. boy or girl join this group you might find the perfect one for u?
69 members
Dating for 13 and 14 year olds
Are you looking for a girl or boyfriend then this is for you. Hook up date or just have fun 
26 members
Looking for really relationship NOT sex
if you looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend then come in :) if you lookin for sex and sextin FUCK OFF and dont be rude 13/18
288 members
Awkward Goofballs
If you trip over air, blush wildly and stutter while talking to someone you like, or are just plain goofy this is the group for you!
25 members
For people who are depressed, sucidal, stressed & emotional.
This is a group for you to post how you feel, nice helpful picture or comments. (no hurtful or mean stuff) and just maybe you might find someone who feels the same as you or loves you.
34 members
looking for a bf gf
Looking for someone who is just looking to date
64 members
Matcher-uper for 13-15
Join this group if you want me to match you up with the right person for you!!! I also will give you advice on what ever you want me too.
48 members
Sad emo or other join
I have depression and I’m lonley
3 members
Team Fortress 2 Fans
If your a fan of the team based shooter with some of the memorable mercs. Talk about strategies and All kinds of stuff.
1 members

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