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For people who are depressed, sucidal, stressed & emotional.
This is a group for you to post how you feel, nice helpful picture or comments. (no hurtful or mean stuff) and just maybe you might find someone who feels the same as you or loves you.
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Bi teens (13-15)
BI TEENS UNITE!!!  Must be a teen (12-14) 
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As more and more people keep getting upset with everyone else for no real reason, it is more important than ever that we all recognize our own responsibility to make ourselves happy. I want to start this group to help people realize that.I'd like us all to be mindful of others, respect each other's ...
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Keep it rated PG. Limited cussing. Your limit is: 100. 12-18+ have fun being lovey dovey!!
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Join for sex in England ;)
Anyone looking for sex in England can join
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