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Lesbians/Bi Girls Looking for Friends or Girlfriend
If you a lesbian/bi girl who wants to make friend or find a girlfriend come look here~! ^w^
411 members
Looking for really relationship NOT sex
if you looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend then come in :) if you lookin for sex and sextin FUCK OFF and dont be rude 13/18
891 members
Bisexual and Lesbian Girls
A group for Bisexual and Lesbian girls to hopefully find some love, or at least friendship. (NO BOYS OR STRAIGHT GIRLS ALLOWED)
150 members
Come hangout and find your soulmate :)
16 members
Love talk
Talk about love and some high or low and just talk all day
3 members
L G B T Q +
Anyone welcome apart from homophobics and racist peeps.
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Looking for a boyfriend or nonbinary partner
I'm an nb guy (afab) looking for a bf or nb partner age 13-16. Just read my account I can't type everything here. I'm okay with an LDR since that's what all my past relationships have been. I'm not good at introductions so it'd be best if you just treated me like we've known eachother for years.&nbs...
4 members
Nonbinary dating
NonBinary's looking for nonbinary partners.
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Bisexual frogs
Make friends or fine someone to hook up with
6 members