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Lesbians/Bi Girls Looking for Friends or Girlfriend
If you a lesbian/bi girl who wants to make friend or find a girlfriend come look here~! ^w^
400 members
Looking for really relationship NOT sex
if you looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend then come in :) if you lookin for sex and sextin FUCK OFF and dont be rude 13/18
882 members
Bisexual and Lesbian Girls
A group for Bisexual and Lesbian girls to hopefully find some love, or at least friendship. (NO BOYS OR STRAIGHT GIRLS ALLOWED)
141 members
Come hangout and find your soulmate :)
14 members
Love talk
Talk about love and some high or low and just talk all day
3 members
L G B T Q +
Anyone welcome apart from homophobics and racist peeps.
9 members
Bisexual frogs
Make friends or fine someone to hook up with
4 members